Fly Guys Pizza Banner

Lower Prices for Your Customers and Higher Margins for You

McLane Kitchen* and CVP** have teamed up to create Fly Guys Pizza, a private label pizza program perfect for your stores.

Made with Premium Toppings

Fly Guys pizzas are made with a self-rising crust, combining great taste with incredible value and available in three delicious flavors – Pepperoni, Five-Meat and Breakfast – because it’s never too early for pizza!

With Fly Guys Pizza Program You have access to:

  • Branded equipment to display the pizza in an appetizing fashion
  • Prominent packaging that connects with your on-the-go customers
  • Easy-to-follow training materials and safety handling practices
  • Eye-catching signage, menu boards and kiosks that demand attention
  • Convenient smallwares such as slice servers, pizza cutters and warmers